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Business-Building Education For a Lifetime

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SBI! eLearning is a 12-week online education course that takes you, step-by-step through the process of building your very own successful, thriving Web business with Site Build It! (SBI!).
Prestigious universities and colleges (ex., Penn State, Baruch College, The Citadel Military College) offer this course in the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and Africa. SBI! eLearning now delivers the same experience and results online, to you, in your home.
Other online courses in Web marketing cost at least 1 full year of your life (often 2-4 years) and $15,000/year. Do you have a few hours a week for 12 weeks, at a fraction of that price, to learn more than theory and actually build your own business, like these graduates are doing?…

SBI! eLearning Literally Takes You By The Hand…
And Doesn’t Let Go!

Your dedicated SiteSell Instructor guides you, in weekly live sessions, through Site Build It!’s powerful features and teaches you how to achieve the kind of Web success that SBI! is famous for!
At the end of the course, you will have a Web site that taps into your unique passions and experiences. Your site will be poised and ready to greet valuable Search Engine traffic that will be hungry to not only hear what you have to say, but will turn that credibility into a dependable income for a lifetime!



You’ll LEARN How To EARN With The Right Process.

Thanks to the direct, experienced and live instruction, you always know that you’re on the right track and headed in the right direction. For example, you receive clear guidance about…


  • identifying themes (“site concepts”) that interest you

  • doing keyword research for profitable in-demand topics related to your theme

  • planning multiple income streams to supplement your main business

  • picking the perfect domain name

  • creating an attractive professional-looking design that reflects your business

  • building an easy-to-navigate Web site structure for both human visitors and Search Engines

  • writing in a way that builds relationships, creates community and pulls in Search Engines

  • developing an inbound links program to show Search Engines how popular/credible you are

  • traffic analysis

  • monetizing your traffic (i.e., turning that traffic into dollars)

  • expanding and managing your burgeoning e-business for the long term

Bottom line? With SBI! eLearning, you have it all…


  1. the right process for success


  3. all of the tools you need


  5. direct, personal guidance

You will know that you are on the right road to a popular and profitable business, one that reflects your passion and unique style and personality.

Here’s a summary of the SBI! eLearning 12-week course…

Week 1: Orientation and Understanding Online Business Fundamentals
Meet your Instructor and classmates.
Receive a concise checklist to keep your business-building efforts on track.
How to reach your Instructor between live sessions.
Learn the core concepts that so few grasp and use.
Week 2: Choosing Your Best Site Concept
Build upon your passion or hobby or experience.
Week 3: Researching Concept-Related Keywords
Find topics with high-potential profitability.
Week 4: Planning Monetization Options
Hard planning now assures good income later.
Week 5: Selecting and Registering Your Domain Name
Choose the perfect domain name for your business.
Weeks 6-7: Creating Your First Web Pages
From Look & Feel, to writing your content, you can do it.
Week 8: Increasing Free Targeted Traffic
Give the Search Engines what they love.
Week 9: PREselling Your Visitors
All the ways to win over your visitors and build your reputation.
Weeks 9-10 Analyzing Traffic Stats and Click-In/Click-Through Data
Understand your visitor to know how to monetize.
Week 11: Putting Monetization Into Action
Capitalize upon your blend of 15 major monetization models.
Week 12: Wrapup and Graduation
Cover the road ahead and… Congratulations!


Building On The Success Of SiteSell Education

SBI! eLearning builds upon the success of SiteSell Education’s offline course, “Building A Successful Business Using The Internet.”

Learn more about what Site Build It can do for you !!!


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